Caps and Other Offerings

云顶集团糖果游戏s have been an integral part of our business for over 120 years.
A pile of bottle caps with gold outside and white inside

Our company’s founder, William Painter, invented and patented the first 'crown cork' in 1892.

Today, our product line is designed to satisfy a variety of customer needs and includes easy-to-open crowns, crowns with oxygen scavenger or oxygen barrier functionality and those for hard to seal packages. The crowns are suitable for multiple package styles including glass and aluminum bottles and are compatible with beer, carbonated soft drinks, teas, wine, sparkling wine and water.

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OXYCAP® 云顶集团糖果游戏s

OXYCAP® crowns feature a special scavenger liner which absorbs oxygen molecules trapped in the headspace during bottling and prevents further oxygen ingress over time, keeping flavors fresher and extending shelf life.

Twist-off and Pry-off 云顶集团糖果游戏s    

云顶集团糖果游戏 offers a wide range of metal weights and liner profiles to meet various product needs in removal torque and pressure retention.

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The aluminum cap in its 28x15 and 28x17mm format, offers a hermetic seal which ensures that the drink retains its flavor and carbonation from the day it is closed until the day it is consumed, thanks to the inner liner (PVC and PVC Free) profile compatible with glass bottles 1650 and 1655 finishes.

Likewise, ROPP security band can be manufactured with a split or segmented band, depending on the client's needs. The aluminum cap is used in a wide variety of beverages such as; beer, malts, juices, soft drinks, mineral waters, wines and many more.

A pile of gold aluminum caps for bottles
Gold Aluminum ROPP Caps
A pile of silver aluminum caps for bottles
Silver Aluminum ROPP Caps

Glass Bottles

A brown, green, and clear glass bottle of varying heights

Glass bottles are the only widely-used food packaging to have “GRAS” status from the FDA, or Generally Recognized As Safe, it means it reaches de highest standard. In addition, glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without losing quality or purity.

Glass bottles are nonporous and impermeable containers that prevent any contamination that could affect the strength, aroma and flavor. This characteristic is desirable for a wide variety of beverages such as beer, malts, mineral water, juices, soft drinks and other carbonated drinks.

Our glass bottles offer a high flexibility for our client´s needs, the production process allows to manufacture bottles of different shapes, heights, weights, capacities, finishes, among others. Nowadays we produce glass bottles in different colors such as amber, emerald green, Georgia green and Flint.